Thu August 16, 2018
As two friends grew up together with a great amount of love for the outdoor world one thing was figured out, we love hunting with dogs. From coon hunting with walkers, to running deer and rabbits with beagles, our favorite has turned to hunting doves and ducks with retrievers. After a few years of hunting with our retrievers we wanted to do more. So in 2010, we started a business called Major League Retrievers. With this business we have made a goal. A goal that will make others love and enjoy dove and duck hunting with their retriever as we do ours. We believe that a dog is a manís best friend, and we want to help in making it that way. From the dove field, to the duck hole, to just sitting around with family and friends we want you to enjoy the company of your retriever. We can help your retriever with obedience, marking, and blind retrieving. Our goal is to make your retriever a true pleasure to have. Major League Retrievers has also taken an interest in doing hunt test with our retrievers and will be glad to get you and your retriever involved as well. If there is anything we can do to help please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Major League Retrievers
Jonathan Broxton
Chris Stewart


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